Here are some of my compositions, all presented in sampled version. Just click the link to listen to (and watch) the piece.

Enkele van mijn composities in gesamplede versie. Klik op de link om het stuk te beluisteren (en te bekijken).

A peoples’ Rhapsody

The Last Post - 1918

Pierlala Again…. Tribute to a Free Mind

Running Waters (for choir and orchestra)

Bude Večer (for choir and orchestra)

Reflections in a Moonlit Night (septet)

Concerto Piccolo for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra

Well Tempered Moods (octet)

Firsherman’s Suite

Russian Dance (for 2 accordions)

©    2018    All  music composed and/or arranged by the owner of this site. Some arrangements are based on public domain tunes.